– If you don’t enjoy reading, you haven’t found the right book –

We can help you find the best children’s books – recommended by specialist teachers.

We all know that reading is important. Reading can teach us new things and take us to places we have never been before.  It can be fun, informative, captivating and exciting; it can even make us happier.

Whether we read books or listen to audio books, we all aim to find stories that we can’t put down but how do we know where to begin? Sometimes the choice online can be a bit overwhelming. Adults can be great at recommending books but what do children actually read and enjoy?

Here at bookschildrenlove.org, you can find books that children will cherish – books that they can’t put down. The books we share are all here because they have been hand-picked by specialist teachers and children.  You and your child can even have your say by recommending books to us.