Repetitive book choices


PEPPA PIG, PEPPA PIG, why do our children love you so? My youngest is currently obsessed with Peppa to the point that, despite having hundreds of lovely picture books to choose from, she has chosen to read the same Peppa Pig book every day for the last week! At first I found it frustrating, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that there was actually a lot of value in letting her.

Firstly, she spends most of the story time pointing to the pictures of different animals and asking “What’s that?”, in this way she is learning and consolidating. Very young children really do need plenty of repetition to learn.
Secondly, she is loving it! She is begging for story time and enjoying the time with me. In this way we are building a foundation of loving books, reading and time with mummy. She is also choosing herself. I do think it is important for children to have ownership over what they read. Adults can recommend, advise and steer them but, to properly build a love of story, I believe children need to own their journey.
Thirdly, there are actually some really lovely messages in the story about including younger children, eating healthy and the fun of a bedtime story!

So it looks like I might be stuck with Peppa for a little while longer. I know she will move onto the other beautiful books on offer in a day or so but for now, I might just need a gin and tonic at story time!

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